Welcome to More Light & Love

Welcome to more Light & Love,

We are all seeking to lead our highest possible life. Your life may have many “faces” or “forms,” but there is an inner theme that flows from your soul.

For me, that theme is Love.

For many years, I struggled thinking that my “love career” conflicted with my “real estate career.” Then I chose to include “real estate” inside my “Love career.” Now I treat my real estate clients (see “Real Estate” tab) with the highest skills I’ve honed in real estate, and also with the highest skills I’ve developed in love (see “Love Course” tab).

The best thing that has ever happened in my life is being married to my soulmate, Shannon Peck. I first had to move through the agony of two failed marriages to finally set the bar higher in love & discover the love I deserved (see “Our Books” tab). To be truthful, I feel like I’ve married an angel (see “Shannon Peck” tab), Together, we founded The Love Center (see tab) & a love blog full of free inspiration (see “Scott & Shannom Peck” tab).

What most fulfils my destiny in this lifetime is the free Love Course & Peace Course (tabs above) we offer to all those seeking to rise higher in love. It feels to us that we were gifted with the love skills in these coures – by Love Itself. These 60 love skills guide our personal & intimate lives & are, most likely, the biggest lagacy I could dream of contributing to the universe. I hope you will poke a toe into these love & peace skills.

What’s most striking in my life, after Shannon, is my expanding realization of who I am, both in this life & beyond this life. Through many sur-prising Between Lives Soul Regression sessions with Shannon, (see drop down under “Shannon Peck” tab), I have been introduced to Golden Light, my Essence.

I believe we are all on the path of Light, even when we don’t know it or feel it. Our rising in Light is inescapable. And when one rises, we all do.

I’ll be sharing more about what I’ve learned about Golden Light. For now, I’ve added some love poems – by Scottyg – that’s me trying to find a name that better defines my soul. The “g” is for Golden Light. (see “Scottyg Love Poems” tab.)

May you feel the Light in your visit here. May your heart be comforted. May you feel Love’s embrace of your soul.

I am sending Golden Light, right now, to lift your soul.



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