My Life Story – & Lessons

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My life story is full of surprises. 

I’ve learned that the best things can’t be predicted. Nor the worst.

  • After being elected President of the student body & captain of the tennis team for my senior year in high school, My Dad is transferred to another city. Surprise! I go from a small private school to a larger public school. Turns out to be surprisingly wonderful for my life (though not so good for my tennis ranking).
  • After college, at work in Boston, as a young reporter, I open my mail. Surprise! I am drafted into the Army – in the middle of the Vietnam war. I search my soul as a conscientious objector. Surprise! My intuition says “Go into the Army.” 
  • I am sent to South Korea, not Vietnam. Surprise! I feel sorry for those who were.
  • In South Korea, in the military, I become Assistant Editor of the Stars & Stripes newspaper & photographer. I don’t even wear a uniform. Nor am I issued a weapon. I’m free to travel throughout South Korea & write about whatever I want. Transformative Surprise!
  • After military, I return to previous job as reporter. Soon find myself married. That’s got to work out well, right? My parents were happy. Surprise! Agonizing 7-year marriage. Divorce.
  • Keep rising in business. Worldwide satellite video conference manager. Training Manager for nationwide advertising team. Then worldwide Advertising Manager for major international newspaper.
  • Marry again. Look, I’m a loving, kind, normal guy, so this is bound to work. Surprise! Seven tough years. Divorce again. I’m obviously not made for love.
  • Move to San Diego from Boston to start life anew. Become real estate agent – temporarily – until I can find my bearings. Surprise! That was 28 years ago & I’m still a real estate agent. A good one. Leader of a great team. #1 agent in our town. Helping many clients move forward in life.
  • Help plan a workshop at UCLA to help youth & teenagers with all their tough issues. Surprise! Meet Shannon, my soulmate. there. My life completely changes. I measure my life as “BS” (before Shannon) and “AS” (after Shannon). Two completely different lifetimes. Like a reincarnation to a new life without dying.
  • Surprise! We end up writing books on love (see tab) together, teach love & healing workshops, & establish The Love Center (tab above).
  • Surprise! Real estate becomes part of my love career. Our theme becomes “Moving Lives Forward.” I love my clients.
  • Shannon becomes interested in Past Life & Between Lives Soul Regression. She needs a “girl friend” to get certified so she can receive the training for certification & not just give sessions. Surprise! I turn out to be the girl friend. We get certified together in Denver.
  • Surprise! The BLSRs (see drop down under Shannon Peck) is the second most radical change in my life after finding Shannon.  
  • My view of this 3D physical “life” opens to a view of many lifetimes. BLSRs (Between Life Soul Regressions) with Shannon transform each of our lives. Another reincarnation without dying,
  • Absolutely transforming Surprise! I am introduced to the Golden Light. My awareness of who I am blossoms beyond just “this life.” I begin to see a larger, universal purpose. I am deeply in touch with “Spirit World” – like dying & moving into Light but without the dying.
  • Surprise. I start this website without knowing why.

So what are the lessons I’ve learned from all these surprises?

  • First, recognize big time that I’m not in control of “life” – mine or anyone’s.
  • Detach rapidly from things that feel “negative.”
  • Don’t “grasp” (as the Buddhists teach) or try to hold on to something. Let it be. Let it unfold.
  • Instead of trying to create the “forms” of my life myself, dive even more deeply into my “Substance” & let my Highest Self/Substance unfold the forms.
  • Welcome surprise! Change is the constant in life. Embrace it.
  • Be at peace with what is – even as I bring transformational Golden Light to what needs comfort & healing – locally or universally.

I don’t feel that what I’ve shared is at all rare – or just true for me.

I believe we are all on the path of Light. Perhaps at different stages. Or different levels of awareness. 

My guiding principle of life: “Many paths. One Love.”

With love,